Last Wednesday, Microsoft unexpectedly rolled out a major update. This does not appear compatible with Comodo security products.

Do you use any of the Comodo Internet Security programs and have you installed the major update for Windows 10 last week Wednesday? Then it's a matter of reversing this update. Or if you do not have the opportunity to install it. That is at least the advice of Comodo itself. The software manufacturer's products can not be overcome with the delivered patch package. The consequences are very annoying if you continue to mud.

Do not log in to Windows

Immediately after the Windows Update Round last week, more and more people complained about browsers that crashed continuously during use. These were often "alternative" examples like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Also, even signing in to Windows was sometimes no longer possible. The cause of all this is in any case with Comodo's products. Of course, you can of course argue about cause and effect. If you do not run Comodo software and still encounter crash browsers after the update, you may want to contact the vendor of your anti-virus package. Turning back the update is also an option, but it's not always good. If you do not succeed, you can restore a previously created image. That's what you do regularly , right?