The 'ransomware' Petya does not seem to be money at all. The main feature of malicious software seems to simply destroy files.

It seems that Petya - the ransomware that has also been hit by some Dutch companies - is a wolf in sheep's clothes. At least, if we see the sheep rather than "innocent" ransomware. With traditional ransomware, the files on a computer's hard disk are encrypted securely. The affected user can then receive a key for payment to the underlying criminal gang. This allows the files to be accessed - with a little luck. And, as a user, you're 'just' lost a taste of money. If not at Petya.


Petya seems to have another purpose - says ars technica . Namely the purely destruction of files. A working key does not seem to exist and payment does not make sense. The whole seems more like a tightly organized military attack. Something which, for example, also reports the Ukrainian government. And with that we are one step further towards a totally new kind of digital war, or cyber war. And just like in a real war there are also innocent victims like home users of a PC. Or companies that do not really have any kind of politics at all. The purpose of this kind of attack seems to be more lame society. And unfortunately, it's the success that these attacks are getting a little bigger. However, with some common sense , we can prevent this, as we wrote earlier this week.